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Enter “Rescue Cat”...

I have always had a dog. I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a dog in my life.  Outside dogs, inside dogs.  I am a dog person.

Enter “Rescue Cat”.  My daughter loves all animals and she finally convinced her dad that we need an indoor cat.  So, our house with dogs now has an indoor cat.  Two dogs, Rescue Cat, and us.  This is the order.

Fast forward.  Rescue Cat is now the Empress of the house.  The rest of us are just living in her world.  How did this happen?  The Doberman, Zeus- which is the most inappropriate name for him- walks around the house scared to death of her.  Rescue Cat is part ninja and is usually lurking around the corner or hiding on top of a chair waiting to pounce at Zeus.  The cat will literally stand on her back legs, I am not lying, leaning against the wall, very stealth like, two front paws up, ready to wrap up anything that is brave enough to walk through the house.  Rescue Cat, two dogs, and us.  This is the new order.  

Pros and cons of Rescue Cat in the house- I used to procrastinate putting my clean laundry away.  Then Rescue Cat decides this is the best place to sleep.  She has a black coat and sheds.  Guess who puts her laundry away immediately now?  This girl!  Guess who cleans up right after cooking?  This girl!  So, these are good things.  But I have come to realize that some things stay out, they don’t go in a cabinet or a drawer.  I leave things on my dresser.  I should be able to do that.  It is my house, right?  Wrong!  Rescue Cat loves when I leave things out.  She loves to jump on my dresser at 3am and knock everything in the floor.  She can find a pen by the light of the moon- the one I can never find when I need it- and then she will bat it around the house at 4am.  The dogs… well, they sleep like normal people, all night long.  Not Rescue Cat.  Rescue Cat, and the rest of us.  That is the order.  

I will always consider myself a dog person but I am coming to the realization that I am my cat’s person.

Save a life… adopt a pet from your local shelter!