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Happy April!

Happy Easter!  Happy April!  Outside everything is getting green and the flowers are starting to really pop.  Keeneland Race Track will be happening and it is most definitely a place to see and be seen.  If you haven’t had the chance to hit a Spring Meet at Keeneland, that should be on your bucket list.   

Spring at Glo-Marr is always busy.  Our team is hopping all day long making sure things are just perfect for our customers.  So, let me just pause to reflect on our team.  We are blessed with a tight- knit team that has been together for a long time now.  I have worked here full time since 1992.  I have seen employees come and go… but the team that is here currently are some of the best folks you will ever want to meet.  A couple of gals have been with us 15+ years.  In those 15 years we have endured the death of our founder, the loss of parents, and the loss of co-workers, we have had babies born, and we have grown this company, together.  Not only do we all work together, we do life together.  We pray together, we laugh together, we cry together, and we work side by side hand crafting our products to be sold all over the world.  As I rushed around yesterday, I was sort of frantic.  Lots of things were pulling me in different directions.  Then I stepped out into our factory and everyone was hard at work, just getting things done.  It was then I realized that even in my hectic state- our team was doing what they do best… they were just plugging away, getting orders packed, manufacturing… doing what they do.  I just wanted to say how blessed Glo-Marr is to have such an amazing team of hard workers to call friends and family.  It is my joy to come to work with them every day. 

Here is hoping your April is full of pretty flowers, and wonderful realizations of who makes a difference in your life- whether they are at home, your work place, where ever.  Once you realize who those people are- give thanks for them.  I give thanks to God for our team every day.