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The month of love, hearts, and flowers...


The month of love, hearts, and flowers.  I am not one of those girls who loves Valentine's Day.  I don't like it when there is this expectation put on us to be corny and obnoxious about love.  I guess this is why I love my dogs so much.  I love my cats too; even though cat love and dog love are totally different.  If you have both, you know what I mean.  My dogs, your dogs, love without expectation. They long to be with us.  Every day.  Not just Valentine's Day.  They beg to be close to us, to just lay still beside us.  My dogs especially love to ride in the car while I sing at the top of my lungs.  Y'all, that is real love. 

Our dogs (and cats) long to be close.  They want to lay on our beds and because of that, you have to keep them smelling good.  No one wants to snuggle up with a dog that smells like a dirty dog.  Our handcrafted products will keep your pet's skin healthy.  No annoying scratching all night, no stinky coats, and no bad breath.  Check out all of our product lines to see what your pet needs.  I personally love the Barktini Blends Shampoo and Spritzers.  The fragrances were inspired by trendy cocktails and the research and development on this product line was a lot of hard work... that bar stool during Happy Hour was a struggle!   

I want to inspire all y'all to love like our pets love us.  Could you imagine this messed up world if we loved others like our pet’s love?  Could you imagine our own personal relationships if we just sat close to that other person and listened to them intently, and then just sat with them in silence?  Or think if we jumped up with excitement when that other person got home after being gone... and we were so excited that we couldn't contain ourselves.  I don't think peeing in the floor would be advised... but to see that much excitement over someone coming home, that would be love like we have never experienced- except with our dogs.  Now cats... are pretty much like "Oh, hey, you're home, feed me!" I do love my cats Y'all... so don't think I am only a dog lover.   

So, love like your dogs (and some cats) like there is no tomorrow.  Love without expectation.  Love with your whole body and soul.  Love others like our pets love us and the world will be a better place.