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Step Inside Our Factory… A Glimpse into the manufacturing process at Glo-Marr.

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Each day starts bright and early at Glo-Marr where our team reviews the current batch of specialty shampoos, conditioners and specialty items awaiting formulation, packaging and shipment.  I can speak for all our incredible team members that we no longer ever look at anything manufactured as a simple product.  In fact, the goal in most cases is to make the end product, look, act and seem elegant, sleek and simple.  However, here’s the real deal with our most routine shampoos & conditioners…

Assuming the formula has been established for the product, each recipe is pulled, hand assembled, mixed and tested. Conditions such as room temperature, mixing time, end bottle type, percentage of ingredients all are carefully monitored to ensure stability and consistency.  Once complete with formulation, the product is ready for bottling.  Our holding tanks are brought to our bottling machinery and pumps where each bottle is carefully set up to receive its product. Once the liquid product is inside its vessel, the designed cap color, size and style is pulled.  Each product is closed and sealed as necessary.  From there, we hand wipe each bottle so that the labeling process can be setup.  Lined up perfectly, the product label is applied and sent off to boxing and shipping stations.

All along the way, several stops are made to count and spot check the integrity of the product.  Is the product correct, the scent correct, label upwards, heat sealed or not….specific packaging ready.  Box it up, ship it correctly and pour a glass of local bourbon, job well done.

Why do we do this?  We love it!  There is nothing better than knowing that our products arrive in homes where their pets are loved and cherished.  Our family of customers has placed their trust in our products, reputation and ability to deliver the best quality pet products for their family for over 50 years.  We are so very thankful for that opportunity each and every day.