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This year has just flown right by....


This year has just flown right by.  I can’t believe the holidays are here.  As I reflect back on this year I am overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude.  Glo-Marr continues to thrive each year and we have now been manufacturing for over a half century, 54 years.  Personally, I will be celebrating my 30th year working here in 2020.  I am so grateful to be a part of the pet industry. However, more than anything, I am thankful with realizing the blessing of working alongside my family.  Family is everything.

As we all know, pets are such a huge part of our families.  I believe this is why we have been connected to so many,  as we all love to share how much we love our pets.  Pets are a part of what makes family so special.  We love our kids but our pets… love us more than they love their selves.  It is pure unconditional love.  No one is as happy as our pets when we come home.  Or when we feed them.  They love like no other.  That is why the pet industry is so strong, because of the love people have for their pets is like no other.  

Imagine a world where people would love each other like our pets love us.  The world would be a happier, safer, and calm place if we did.  So, today, I ask that your try to greet everyone like your dog greets you… with pure joy, love, and just longing for companionship.  Maybe skip over sniffing people and jumping on them… but let’s all love like our pet’s love… and see how wonderful the world can be.  Be the person your dog thinks you are!