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A warm family welcome to Glo-Marr from the heart of central Kentucky.  For over 55 years, our family owned and operated company has been and continues to be dedicated to skillfully creating leading pet shampoo, conditioners, grooming, hygiene, and healthcare products. We are proud of our pet industry leading reputation for quality, product expertise, client understanding and private label creativity which drive our value set and product line each and every day. Thank you for visiting our website and interest in our product line. We are excited to work with you and learn how we can work together.  Glo-Marr, At the heart of every healthy & happy pet®.


KENIC Natural Vitamin Mineral Supplement KENIC NATURAL Dietary Food Supplement is excellent for pets and small animals. It not only supplies vitamins and minerals, but also raw food factors such as enzymes, nucleoproteins, and trace minerals. The KENIC NATURAL formula includes vitamin sources which are subject to heat. The method preserves the delicate balance of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, and enzymes found in nature and enables better absorption and utilization in animals. KENIC NATURAL works with your pet to achieve better utilization of the pet food already being consumed.

Price: $14.56

KENIC Organic Pet Stain and Odor Remover NOT FOR USE DIRECTLY ON PETS. This cleanser is formulated to remove undesirable organic and household odors. This product may be used on anything that is washable. Spray on, wipe off. This special blend will remove unwanted household odors. This is not a cover up, it actually removes the odor. Super effective on areas soiled with pet urine and feces. Not for use directly on pet. Everyone likes a fresh smelling house. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. DO NOT USE ON 100 PERCENT WOOL CARPETS. DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON PETS. K8110

Price: $0.00

Spritz your dog with the healing, antioxidant properties of citrus and aloe vera. Your pet will find relief and comfort from the annoying itching caused by fleas and ticks. Scratching and licking is exhausting, and prevents your pet from enjoying quality time with you. Help your pet feel as great as he should in between baths, and keep itching from fleas and ticks at bay. FOR DOGS ONLY

Price: $0.00

Two of the finest ingredients in nature combine to combat the discomfort caused by fleas and ticks. Antioxidant properties and enzymes found citrus and aloe vera reduce inflammation, alleviate itching and promote healing. Your pet deserves to be comfortable and itch-free. Use between baths, taking care to observe all safety precautions. FOR DOGS ONLY - READ ENTIRE LABEL DIRECTIONS AND CAUTIONS BEFORE USING.


8oz K6105



Price: $16.34

One flea bite can create immense discomfort for your dog or cat. Citrus and aloe vera extract combine with plant proteins to provide soothing relief from the itching that accompanies flea bites. Lather up your pet and massage the coat to evenly distribute the shampoo. Your pet will feel relief and look great after a bath. In between baths, use our Defender Citrus Spray or Defender Dog Dip.  FOR DOGS ONLY

Price: $0.00

KENIC Kalaya Emu Oil Skin Care Cream is a moisture-rich formulation with a non-oily, non-staining vanishing cream base. Recommended for dry patchy or crusty areas, hot spots, grass fungus between toes, minor cuts or abrasions and inflamed areas of skin due to flea bites. For external use only.

 For use on dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits.

Price: $0.00

KENIC Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo is our luxury restorative shampoo for pets with dry, damaged and irritated coat and skin. This specialized formula penetrates deep into your pet's coat to repair and rejuvenate inflammation by restoring moisture balance. Great for soothing relief of flea bites, grass allergies and dry flaky skin. KENIC Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo is gentle enough to be used as often as needed. 

Price: $0.00

KENIC Avo-Med Pet Cream will provide your pet with luxurious, moisture-rich relief for dry patchy, crusty areas caused by hot spots, allergies, excessive licking, scratching, and minor other dermatitis. Soothing and protective properties of avocado vitamins and oils aid in calming irritations and reducing inflammation.

For use on dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits.

Price: $0.00

KENIC Avo-Med Pet Spray pampers your pet naturally. Kenic Avo-Med Conditioning Spray contains the finest ingredients found in nature. This spray will add moisture to the skin with natural avocado and will condition the coat. Kenic Avo-Med Spray will reduce inflammation associated with dry skin, flea bite allergy and nonspecific dermatosis. This formula is gentle enough to be used as often as needed. Pets like to be pampered. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. For use on dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. K4710

Price: $0.00

KENIC Avo-Med Shampoo will add rich nourishing moisture enhance your pet's coat and skin with natural avocado oils. Ideal for dry, flaky and dull fur, avocado oils will replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. This formula is gentle enough to be used as often as needed.

For use on dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits.

Price: $0.00

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