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BARKTINI BLENDS Cosmopolitan Canine Pet Shampoo

Yappy Hour never smelled so good! Love the fruity fresh scent of a tangy cosmopolitan, then you will enjoy this sudsy aromatic formula for your bestie. This specially formulated shampoo is the perfect bath time cocktail blend infused with natural cranberry and tangerine, while complemented by botanical conditioners and vitamins A, D, and E. Clean and refreshing. 17 oz BB00420 DIRECTIONS: To set the mood for a great Happy Hour, start by getting your pooch wet all over with warm water. Then pour enough shampoo so that you get a good lather going. Be careful though, no tears are allowed at Happy Hour, so be sure to keep the shampoo out of your eyes and your pet's. Once you have worked up lots of suds, you need to rinse off your pooch completely with warm water. For more fun, order up another round and do it all over again. INGREDIENTS: Purified water, concentrated surfactant blend (detergent and soap free), natural thickeners, natural botanical conditioners, cranberry and tangerine fragrance, vitamins A, D, E.

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