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Sno-Flake Pet Shampoo | KENIC

KENIC Sno-Flake Shampoo will keep your light-coated pet looking brilliant with our natural, coconut-based shampoo. This whitening formula gently cleans while making your pet's coat whiter and brighter. Rich botanical conditioners and restorative properties of almond oil, vitamin E, and glycerin soothe the skin while creating a healthy sheen. Infused with sweet-scented cherry extract.

INGREDIENTS: Sno-Flake Shampoo contains deionized water, surfactant blend (coconut shampoo base), almond oil, vitamin E, glycerin (soothes the skin), glyceryl stearate (emulsifies, makes foam, conditions), natural cherry extract, EGDS (conditioner), EDTA (aids ingredients in blending), proprietary blend optical brighteners, DMDH hydantoin (preservative). Contains NO bleach, peroxide, alcohol, or animal by-products.

17oz K2110

Gallon K2120

5 Gallon K2125

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